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Byron has done it all, from bodybuilding to powerlifting, and even gymnastics. He’s passionate about fitness and wants to help you achieve your fitness goals. No matter what your current level, he’ll find the perfect program and create a diet plan that works for you.

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Dalton Outlaw owner of Element Gym


Dalton Outlaw

"Everybody has to make sacrifices, no matter what! One of my biggest sacrifices was when I stopped trying to become the BEST in the world as boxer and started striving to be the best FOR the world as a community leader."

Dalton Outlaw founded Element Boxing in 2011, sacrificing his professional boxing career to give youth a chance to achieve greatness through their own boxing. Being a professional boxer and running a successful gym is basically impossible. So selflessly, he chose the latter. He credits a lot of his success today to the skills he learned in his neighborhood boxing gym. Without knowing the true impact the gym would have, the doors were opened to the public. While still working full-time, Dalton knew that the gym would be about more than just boxing so he worked tirelessly make this a success Over the years, he’s managed to attract some of the best personal advisors, community advocates and fitness coaches across the Twin Cities. Because of his hard work and dedication, he was able to formally create the Element Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission of fitness equity. By adding this counter-part, Dalton has done the unthinkable; he took a little boxing gym and created a social-enterprise that impacts countless lives. The memberships of the organization are part of what help sustain the non-profit so that it can focus on equitable programming and true community impact. Since its inception in 2016, Element has been able to expand into multiple campaigns, gain national recognition, and gain the respect as a community leader while becoming a force for good in the community. Most importantly, because of this work, children’s lives are impacted for the better. Our vision is to be a pioneer in the fitness industry that promotes wellness while also doing good in the community. We want to set the standard on how to create, develop and sustain exercise equality by combining community resources. This vision continues to evolve and we can’t wait for what’s next!



Mel Daniels has competed in numerous events. She lives and breathes the sport and loves sharing her knowledge and passion with others. Mel believes that the critical element to success is determination and hard work, which is why she’s gotten a reputation as one of our gym’s most intense coaches.

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